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The Opera House an Incubator for Artisan and Performing Art
Homewood, Pennsylvania
Provide artists and technologists a place to develop their products and services, while collaborating with oth... (continued)

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Community Development

Crowd The Square is a community development tool that creates community engagement for the purpose of determining project feasibility and identifying funding sources. Crowd The Square communicates with neighborhood influencers through social media, traditional media or ‘boots on the ground” to get the word out in the project area. Neighborhood influencers include residents, community groups, government agencies, investors, foundations, construction specialists, etc. Be it twitter, Facebook, blogs, online news outlets, local newspapers, or even physically advertising in the project area; Crowd The Square delivers a message that informs and encourages engagement. Project owners receive the following benefits by using Crowd The Square to build a relationship with influencers.

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Technical Support

Crowd The Square can support community development projects as simple as remodeling a restaurant to reclaiming contaminated land for a strip center. Crowd The Square is designed to reach out and engage the community impacted by a development project. Community residents, organizations, contractors, consultants, construction specialists, lenders and funding providers are provided a pathway to offer input and address issues relevant to the design and construction of a project. Crowd the Square coined the phrase Cloud Development for this community development process.

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Experts Identification

Each project requires a specific set of skills from architects, contractors and construction experts. Finding an architectural or construction firm with the right project skills and experiences can be confusing. Crowd The Square reaches out to potential contractors and other development experts that meet a project’s needs via social media and email. The Cloud Development Process is designed to attract experts to join the conversation around a community development project. These same firms are given the opportunity to participate in the project through competitive bidding. Architects, contractors and construction experts will find doing business on the Crowd The Square platform transparent, fair, cost effective and a good use of their marketing dollars.

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